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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

T minus 14-1/2 hours

Some of you may have already correctly guessed that I am actually really going to nursing school here at UCSF. I am moonlighting as a mother of a really sick child to gleen as much information as I can before taking my boards. I figure why take out a student loan when the insurance company will cover my costs going this route.

There are a lot of pop questions in my studies here. Strangely most have to do with Hayden's FOP, but I do feel that I have suffuciently burned to memory all of the genetics, details, statistics, medical terms etcetra to be able to asnswer any question in that realm.

Today's pop medical question was a good one. I failed. The nurse asked me (as clearly I am all knowing), "Is Hayden's Pick line central, perifferal or in line?" Adopting my most knowing voice I replied, "Well according to the Pick Line Nurse, Hayden's pick line was central but then it got slightly pulled out so i'm not really sure. Does that mean its still central, centered or just left of center? I dont know.". Just for future refence, it is no longer "central", but now a mere "in line". The difference a few fractions of a centimeter make.

I also provide translating services for the nurses. I am now fluent (well almost) in reading Hayden's lips. The most important things to relay are "bed up, bed down, sit in chair, wii off, wii on, movie, tv, suction, pain medicine, more pain medicine and sleepytime medicine."....all very highly medical terms.

I am currently cramming for tomorrow's test which will involve pre-op, hand-holding down to the O.R, post-op and general hovering to confirm vital statistcs.

I hope to finish my studies here in less than three months.

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