Hayden's Hope

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

12 years ago today....

Twelve years ago today at 7:30am,
Hayden came into my life.  
It was quite possibly the best day ever.
He was so perfect, except for those funny looking toes :)

His little smirk makes my heart glow...
Art at Old Mill School - Kindergarten

Last year at this time, I wasn't sure if he would make it
out of the hospital.  The doctors said there wasn't
anything else they could do for him.
Hayden in the Pediatric ICU with companion dog Nalani.

And you all know what happened,
Hayden showed them he could fight.

So we had his11th birthday party in the hospital.
Birthday gathering in the UCSF Pediatric wing

He graduated from 5th grade....virtually.
Me accepting Hayden's diploma.
Hayden was participating via Facetime. 

And then on July 11th, he walked out of the hospital and
we went home. Oh my god I almost cry thinking about it!
Day before leaving hospital

This last year has been so amazing. 
I am so very proud of everything Hayden has accomplished.

Going to 6th grade.
Going to school dances.
Making new friends.
Keeping up with the old ones.

But most of all I am proud of the things that may seem little.

I am proud that he gets himself out of bed every morning...
even when its hard to breath.
Sleepy Hayden

I am proud that he will go to school with a stomach ache
and a head ache just because they are 
dissecting worms that day.

I am  proud that he is willing to take chances and
trust doctors and nurses even when he is scared.

I am proud that he gets out of the house to see friends at
the movies, go to baseball or soccer games because
its a big deal to pack up his equipment and get him outside...
and sometimes it scares him.
Hayden & MTS Soccer Team

Bottom line I am so proud of all that he has done
 since leaving the hospital. 
@ Tamalpie...new favorite restaurant

He is such an amazing kid and an inspiration to me.
Bailey & Hayden

Happy 12th Birthday Hayden!

Love, Mom