Hayden's Hope

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Three steps forward, two steps back, one step forward, two steps back....I just wish I could put on my Ruby Slippers and click my heals together three times saying the magic words..."There's no place like home, I want Hayden to come home, I just want Hayden to get better and come home"...and the Good Witch of the West will waive her wand and magically transport us out of this dream and back home safe and well.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Get Well Cards from Hayden's 5th Grade Class and their special Kingergarten Buddies

Hayden got a great care package from Old Mill School today.  A bunch of get well cards made by his 5th grade class mates and their special Kindergarten buddies. We posted all of the awesome cards up in Hayden's room.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hayden Fights Influenza and Pneumonia

Today is day 20 in the hospital.  Our odyssey started at Marin General Hospital on March 1st.  Sunday March 6th we went transferred to UCSF and on March 9th we made the difficult decision to put Hayden on a ventilator.  Although being on a ventilator is not fun in any way, Hayden keeps himself occupied by watching movies, occasionally playing Wii and computer,  but mostly lots and lots of sleep.  Hayden does lots of hard and often painful work on the ventilator to help the doctors clear his lungs.  He is very brave and a true champ. He is an inspiration to me.
A big thank you to the families at Old Mill School for providing wonderful dinners for John and I while we are at the hospital.  Also a big thank you to all of the warm wishes and get well cards sent to Hayden.  We have started decorating the room with them.