Hayden's Hope

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today is the 6 month anniversary of Hayden coming home from the hospital.  It truly seems like yesturday.  I can't wait until it has been a year and I will really feel like it is all behind us.

We've kept in touch with our friends we've made at the hospital. We met one of our favorite traveling nurses, Emily, who was in town from Boston, at Gott's a great hamburger place in the Ferry Building.  It was so fun to see her outside of the hospital.  It felt like we were old friends. We are meeting another one of Hayden's favorite nurses next week at Swirl for fronzen yogurt.

We've only gone back to UCSF Children's Hospital a couple of times for what ended up being minor issues. Strangely it was like going "home", which seems like an odd word to use.  Now that we now know all of the staff at UCSF in the PICU and they know us, it feels comforting if the occasion arrises that we need to go there.

I still worry everyday that Hayden will get sick again or that somehow he will slip away in the middle of the night, like a mother worring about her  baby having SIDS. But every morning I wake up and there he is.  Sleepy and trying to wake up so he will get to school on time. We give each other a "good morning" hug and start our routine to get ready for school.  Another day in the life of a remarkable boy.

Elsa & Hayden in December