Hayden's Hope


A Supplemental Needs Trust has been set up at Charles Schwab to help cover Hayden's medical costs. Funds from this trust will be used to supplement medical bills associated with the on going progression of and complications from FOP. Hopefully the funds will eventually be used for the surgeries needed to remove the extra/FOP bone from his body once a cure is found. In the event that a cure should not be found in Hayden's lifetime, the trust stipulates that all remaining funds be donated to the International FOP Association for FOP research.

Donations to the trust are not tax deductible.

Donations should be make out to:
     Hayden D. Pheif Special Needs Trust

Trustees for Hayden's Trust are
     Megan Olsen and John Pheif

Mail donations to:
Hayden D Pheif Special Needs Trust
c/o 164 Tamalpais Avenue
Mill Valley, Ca 94941