Hayden's Hope

How You Can Help

Help Us Reach Our $1 million Goal!

As with any disease, research is critical to finding a cure for FOP. Because only a few hundred people in the world have FOP, private donations are especially important in funding research. With your donation, you will not only be helping Hayden – whose hope is that soon, researchers will discover a way to stop, retard, or surgically remove the extra bone growth – but you’ll also be helping people with more common bone-related conditions, such as osteoporosis (estimated 44 million in the US alone), arthritis (over 70 million), post-amputation treatment, certain spinal cord injuries and some heart valve disorders. This is because research into finding a cure for FOP has lead to important discoveries about other bone related diseases.

You can download the most recent Annual Research Report by Dr. Frederick S.Kaplan by clicking here.

 Donation Ideas:
$ 56 Number of days a typical "flare-up" lasts
$ 200 Approximate number of known cases of FOP in the United States
$ 499 Cost of a Newcon Professional Binocular Microscope
$ 800 Approximate number of known cases of FOP worldwide
$ 848 Age, in days, when Hayden was diagnosed with FOP
$ 1050 List price of the "Breezy 600" Lightweight Wheelchair
$ 2500 Estimated number of cases worldwide that have yet to be diagnosed as FOP (as with all orphan diseases, correct diagnosis can be elusive because so few doctors are aware of the disease.)
$ 5400 Approximate cost of an in-school, non-government subsidized person to watch Hayden and make sure he’s not knocked over in the school playground!
$ Millions - Number of people with diseases that are helped by FOP research! Be the first to donate a million!

All donations for Hayden’s Hope will go to the International FOP Assocation, or IFOPA. IFOPA's mission is to fund research to find a cure for Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) while supporting individuals with FOP and their families through education, public awareness and advocacy.
IFOPA has extremely low overhead, so virtually all your donations will go toward these two goals.