Hayden's Hope

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hayden Turns 10 Years Old

Its hard to believe that a little over 10 years ago Hayden was born.  A few weeks ago we celebrated his 10th birthday.  As I look back to May of 2000, it is hard to believe the road we have traveled. Who would have known then, that our lives would be forever changed by this sweet 7 lb 11oz little boy.  I think we all have ideas in our minds of what our lives will be like once we have children.  Among other things, John and I dreamed about cheering Hayden on at his baseball & soccer games and skiing together as a family.  Even though our lives were sent down a drastically different path because of Hayden's FOP, we are still able to do the things we dreamed about, only a little differently.  At 10, even though his FOP limits him, he is a very happy little boy.  He is surrounded by wonderful friends who are always there for him and include him in every way that they can. So at the end of the day, even though Hayden has FOP, what matters most is that he is happy....and he is very happy.  Happy Birthday to Hayden.  My birthday wish for you is that you are always blessed with such wonderful friends and that you are always happy.