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Friday, July 22, 2011

Research Breakthrough - Neurological Connection to FOP

The Nervous System and FOP

New insight into the neurological connection in FOP bone formation, and potential new treatment targets. Pieces of the puzzle are coming together!

New research findings recently published in two complementary articles have found a distinct connection between the sensory branch of the nervous system and the formation of Heterotopic Bone. A very exciting new discovery! An editorial by Dr. Fred Kaplan, Dr. Eileen Shore and Dr. Bob Pignolo of The Center for Research in FOP and Related Disorders at the University of Pennsylvania describes the significance of these findings as it relates to FOP.  Click here to read: Sensory Nerves Regulate the Innate Immune System and Amplify Heterotopic Ossification (PDF format)

Article published by Baylor University describes the connection between the sensory nerves and the regulation of the immune system. Two researchers/authors of this article, Francis Gannon and Elizabeth Olmstead-Davis have previously worked in the FOP laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania. Click here for article: Sensory Nerve Induced Inflammation Contributes to Heterotopic Ossification

Article published from Northwestern University in a collaborative research effort with the University of Pennsylvania describes the connection between a neuro-inflammatory factor (Substance P) and FOP/Heterotopic Ossification. Click here for article: Substance P Signaling Mediates BMP Dependent Heterotopic Ossification

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