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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Genetic Technology Breaththrough

Proof-of-Principle for FOP Treatment

Editorial explanation of landmark paper published in the Thursday October 20, 2011 online edition of Gene Therapy a Nature Journal is available. Read how Dr. Fred Kaplan, Dr. Josef Kaplan and Dr. Eileen Shore have developed a new genetic approach to specifically block the damaged copy of the FOP gene in cells while leaving the normal copy untouched.

Click on the link below to read Dr. Fred Kaplan's and Dr. Eileen Shore's editorial explanation

Genetic Technology Breakthrough

Click on the link below to read the paper published in Gene Therapy a Nature Journal

Restoration of Normal BMP Signaling Levels


  1. Thank you so much for blogging! Reading other people's stories helps me so much. We are doing a raffle for Addi and I borrowed some of your fundraising facts. Awesome information!! Best wishes for your handsome Hayden! We will beat this.

  2. Feel free to call or email. I'd be happy to help from afar! megan@haydenshope.com 415.250.1048