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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hayden's Rehab Days

We are so ready to go home!! Of course we could actually go home today if the nursing was lined up for him, but apparently we've been told the it can take up to a month or so. UGH!!

So we are keeping our time busy by doing some fine tuning on his night time ventilator, slowly weaning off of the ventilator during the day, working on eating more and more food such at pizza, chicken nuggets and smoothies. Best of all we are able to do lots of physical therapy to get Hayden moving again. Hopefully by the time we have our nursing worked out, Hayden will be able to walk, literally, out the front door! For a kid who has been in bed for three months that would be a great victory for him. He has been working hard every day with a physical therapist. We work on weights, balance, walking, walking backwards and of course if you live in Mill Valley, especially our house, we are working on stairs!

Hayden does some fun things during Physical Therapy. Some games he playes to practice balance include target practice with a Nerf gun, Basket Ball and Tic Tac Toe Toss.

Hayden in the Pediatric Rehab Room

Hayden Plays Basketball to help with balance.

Practicing Stairs...we have a lot of those at our house.

Hayden plays with the Nerf Gun to practice balance.

Hayden Takes Aim

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  1. It's so good to see Hayden looking healthy and getting strong again. Thanks for sharing these uplifting photos.

    Stay strong.