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Friday, June 17, 2011

New Beginnings

With milestones come new beginnings and new chapters in our children's lives. The pang of nostalgia is coupled with the pride of a parent as Hayden participated in Graduation from 5 th grade last week. Its an amazing milestone, especially for Hayden considering what he has been through these last three and a half months. The milestones also mean new beginnings, a new school, new friends, new adventures. Its hard to believe how quickly they grow up. I can remember when he was just born and mothers would come over to see the new born baby and remark "Enjoy this time. They grow up so quickly!". At the time I thought "What are you talking about?", but now I know exactly what they mean.

What is it about each of these new beginnngs in my children's lives that brings a tear to my eye. Their first breath, their first spoonful of food, their first step, their first word and each one of these milestones is such a precious moment for us as parents. Case in point, I told myself when Hayden's first day of kindergarten arrived I wouldn't cry. Of course, as the day was upon me and I watched him being led by his teacher into the classroom,sure enough I started crying, "My little baby is growing up!" Its the same feeling I get with each new beginning of my children's lives. It's not that I'm sad. It's that I can't believe how quickly these milestones come and how proud I am of Hayden and Elsa as I watch them embrace each new beginning.

I feel like I am reliving these precious moments as I watch Hayden once again say his first words off of the ventilator, take first bits of food and especially learn to walk again. Seriously, the pride of being a parent couldn't be more as I watch his determined face walking down the hallway.

I find myself giddy with excitement at the prospect of Hayden coming home and getting off the ventilator. I could be even more excited, but I can tell I am holding my emotions at bay a bit because I just dont want to be devastated if Hayden has a big set back. The "what if?" is always lingering in the back of my mind. But most of the time I push those thoughts aside, look to the future and savor each day watching the "old Hayden" return. A new beginning happens here every day for Hayden. Eating strawberries, going off the ventilator for 12 hours, walking across the room, talking again. Its wonderful.

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