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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Holy Cow!

Just the words "family meeting" create a pit in my stomach and my eyes automatically start to shoot darts directly at the doctor that is mentioning one of these horrid things. However this time was different and by far my favorite Family Meeting. We talked about setting goals for getting Hayden out of here. Yeah!! We decided that a great goal would be for Hayden to come home so that he is mobile, off the ventilator during the day and on the the ventilator during the night. I can't wait. And the million dollar question that I know you are all wondering is - When will this happen? We hope earliest end of June or possibly mid July. We have lots of "exercise" to do on his lungs and his legs but we strangely very motivated!

Today we celebrated. Hayden, his sister and cousins will be treated to a special private viewing on Kung Fu Panda 2. Conan from DreamWorks brought the movie and showed the kids his very cool job of being an animator. He drew some fabulous Kung Fu Panda sketches for the kids.  Very fun.
Conan from DreamWorks, Hayden, his cousins Zach & Anika,
and sister Elsa Lilli

Tomorrow, Hayden is looking forward to graduating from 5th grade. I can't even believe he is graduating from 5th grade let alone realizing he will probably be able to go to 6th grade, possibly without a ventilator. Official ceremonies will be held at Old Mill School where Hayden will participate via Face Time ( Thank you Steve Jobs and Bryan Van Vliet! ). Graduation party to be schedule upon Hayden's homecoming!

Hayden Practicing "Facetime" for Graduation.

And the Holy Cow part is that Hayden was off the ventilator for a total of 6 hours today!!!  Just awsome.  That boy totally inspires me and makes me so very proud!!

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